I drove for Uber yesterday and I had a passenger whose friend had just died. Unfortunately he had no insurance.


So he died of cancer or heart attack I didn’t get the details. All I know is that from what my passenger said he did not have covid-19.


The hospital came to the family, and I’m going to suspect that they came with the family with either a lawyer or someone who knew the legal system. They told the family that the bill was well over $100,000. They would have to be responsible for the bill or they could say that this guy had tested positive for covid-19 and the government, the government of course is you and me, could pay for the entire bill!


So not only are we having to isolate ourselves in our homes, be away from our friends and family, not be allowed to enjoy the 4th of the July fireworks,… But we get to pay for all the fraud that’s going on! Go figure!


To me, this is one time we can’t blame the government!  Here, the fault lies with people, people caught in the middle of a difficult circumstance.  


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