On June 23rd, 2020 I Posted My New Single

I want to be pro-active.  I also want to, in a creative manner, be a part of the solution.


For me, it starts with being a musician and committing to being the best idea guy possible.


So I developed this Comedic Character I call:  TjJim



People, at first glance, will either think I’m whacked or they might want to know more. Either way, I’d better have something significant to say!  


So, using Music and Comedy, I have boiled it all down to 2 words.  2 words that can #UniteUsAll whether we are Democrat, Republican, Christian, Atheist, Black or White.  Those 2 words are:


Freedom & JuneTeenTh


So, after being troubled by the injustice to George Floyd, Officer David Dorn and the Thousands who have died needlessly by injustice, and being inspired by “We Pray San Diego” I wrote a song on June 19th, 2020.  It’s called:




In the month of August, I plan on traveling to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Jacksonville, Fl. to be one of the first Comedian/Musicians to perform at both the Democratic and Republican Conventions in the same year.  I am an Independent, and my Presidential pick will depend on who gives this Country more Freedom and which one or ones will support making JuneTeenTh a National Holiday!


Please see my GoFundMe.com account that has the title:  Freedom & JuneTeenTh







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