Today in St. Louis there was another memorial and the outpouring of people was large. David Dorn, a 77 year old former policeman was laid to rest. He was killed by a looter while trying to protect the pawn shop of his friend. He was a local hero and his reasons for recognition require no debate. Dorn was a Black Man, but his funeral will not receive national attention. You see, Black Lives Matter only for Black Lives that are representing a certain agenda or narrative. So while George Floyd receives accolades far and wide, Dorn will not have in attendance Al Sharpton, or Joe Biden, or the media or a lot of high profile Democrats. I will get ridiculed, I am sure, because I question how much of this attention Floyd really deserves, especially since Dorn isn’t getting any. And then Floyd’s niece asks “When was America ever great?” Dorn probably thought America was great, but not the Floyd family. Too bad.
So I doubt if Anderson Cooper, or Joy Behar will be remembering Dorn this week while they praise the Floyd memorial, but we have grown used to that.
Charles Lopresto.
Phoenix, AZ. 6/9/20.

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